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The Cambridge Handbook of Class Actions: An International Survey

The Cambridge Handbook of Class Actions: An International Survey: Brian T. Fitzpatrick et Randall S. Thomas (eds), paru le 29 janvier 2021, avec un chapitre par Maria José Azar-Baud et Véronique Magnier « Class Action à la française »

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Summary of the chapter: The introduction of a group action within the French legal system has confirmed the widespread myth of the “French exception.” Indeed the legal features of the system, and the method used to enact them are very different from any other existing collective action in comparative law. After decades of debates, France only enshrined a first group action regulation in 2014. The rules passed before this regulation authorized only associations to sue professionals in courts for damages, and it was only in the collective interest of the groups that these actions could be brought. The 2014 French group action and the ones that followed, by contrast, allow individuals to get damages. However, the French model of group action remains very restricted in scope and specific in procedure. One main reason for these limitations is due to the need to enshrine a “virtuous” model that can protect the system from the purported “vices” of the American class actions.