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Francisco Verbic

Francisco Verbic is a lawyer and law professor from Argentina, Founding Partner and Director of the law firm “FV&A / Abogados” and author of the blog “Class Actions in Argentina”:  Since 2003 he focused his research and teaching activities on class actions, collective proceedings, public interest litigation, access to justice and judicial reform. He published several book chapters and articles in law reviews and law journals from Argentina Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Belgium, Uruguay, Japan and Russia, most of them on collective litigation and class actions.

In this field of law he translated papers and books into Spanish from Portuguese, Italian and English. Among them, the American Law Institute “Principles of the Law of Aggregate Litigation” (“Principios del Derecho de los Procesos Colectivos”, UNAM, 2014). He wrote the books “Procesos colectivos”, Astrea, 2007, “La prueba científica en el proceso judicial”, Rubinzal Culzoni, 2008, “Más allá del papel. Lecturas críticas sobre procesos colectivos”, Editores del Sur, 2020, and “Introducción a los procesos colectivos y las acciones de clase”, Editores del Sur, 2021. He co-directed “Los Procesos Colectivos y Acciones de Clase en el Derecho Público Argentino. Estudios sobre la Tutela de Derechos de Incidencia Colectiva en el Sistema Federal Argentino. Bases para una Reforma de la Justicia Colectiva”, Rubinzal Culzoni 2017.


Verbic, FranciscoAn Overview of Class Actions in Argentina [PDF]


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