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Ianika Tzankova

Ianika is a founding partner of Birkway and a full professor of Global Dispute Resolution and Mass Disputes at Tilburg University, an academic director of the honours program and academic directeur of the Global Law Program. She combines her academic activities with litigation project management and strategic and legal advisory work for internationally operating law firms and clients dealing with complex and multi party disputes and transnational litigation related to financial services, torts and competition law violations. In addition, she acts as an independant consultant for legal finance providers and companies making use of those. Prior to starting her independent consultancy practice Ianika was a litigation partner with a Dutch litigation boutique firm and a senior advisor to two publicly listed litigation finance companies.

Ianika is regularly consulted by lawyers in connection with arbitrations and court proceedings, including Supreme Court or Court of Appeal proceedings, in which issues in this field arise, by multinationals, industry organizations, (legal expense) insurers and by numerous national and European advisory bodies, governmental and otherwise, including the Civil Justice Council (UK), the Australian Law Reform Commission, BEUC, the ECOSOC (EU), National European Consumer Associations, the European Law Institute, the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, BusinessEurope (EU), the European Commission and various Dutch ministries.

Ianika was a Fulbright Visiting Professor at Stanford Law School and is a Visiting Professor at Paris Dauphine. Ianika teaches the course on Civil Procedure and Global Dispute Resolution in the Global Law Program of Tilburg University.


Tzankova, Ianika: Collective Actions in the Netherlands – A Step Forward? [PDF]


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