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Observatoire des Actions de Groupe

Beatrice Zuffi

School of the University of Padua, where she also teaches the classes of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods and Arbitration Law. She has held several lectures for the post-graduate program SSPL (Specialisation School for Legal Professions) in Padua, Verona and Trento, as well as for the PhD Law Course of the University of Padua and the LL.MM. International business lawyer in Treviso. Author of two books on English arbitration law (Giappichelli ed., 2008) and – together with Prof. Claudio Consolo – on Italian consumer class action (CEDAM, 2012), she has published articles, essays and commentaries especially in the field of ADR and collective litigation.


Zuffi, BeatriceThe 2019 Italian Reform on Class Action and the Collective Injunctive Remedy [PDF]


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