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Observatoire des Actions de Groupe

Network of experts

The Observatory is a platform for scientific exchange and popularization of the law on class actions, group and collective actions

Who is it for?
The Observatory is intended for the scientific community as well as for any natural or legal person concerned or interested in class actions.
What is its purpose?
The Observatory aims at sharing experiences, enriching knowledge, developing a scientific community and people concerned, via the publications on the website and simplifying the law for people concerned by class actions, via the news feed

How can we do this?
• By organizing academic activities (conferences, congresses, etc.) n publishing articles and research works
• By creating podcasts, interviews and videos
• By promoting academic agreements
• Using legal design and legal thinking to create content that is easy to understand for anyone
• Combining law and filmographie

Where is the platform located?
The website is the center of the platform’s activities and its distribution channels are the different social networks: Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.