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Observatoire des Actions de Groupe

Law Graduate School – International Summer School

The summer school will take place in Sceaux, France (close to Paris) from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd June 2023. It will be divided into 10 half- day sessions.

There will be a central theme running through the week, regarding the ‘protection of people in a globalised environment ‘. Prestigious guests will share with the public their expertise in the fields of law and other disciplines (geography, pharmacy, political science, economy and computer sciences). Master classes will be organized on a regular basis (2 per morning), where an important aspect of the deliberations will be considering how best to reinforce trust, connection, and community for the present and the next generations. These and many other issues will be examined on a multi-disciplinary basis, with an attempt to involve expertise across a broad spectrum.

In addition to the Master classes, interactive workshops and alternative programs will be presented in the afternoons, notably by PhD students from UPSaclay and the EUGLOH Alliance.

EUGLOH will cover expenses related with mobilty to Paris (France) of 16 EUGLOH selected students. Selection of candidates will be based on pre-requisites in law and in SHS and on motivation. For online participation, the Undergraduates students will be prioritized, however for the physical mobility, the priority will be given to Master and to PhD students as the participation to workshops will need pre-requisites in law and in SHS as mentioned above. The participants selected for physical mobility will be contacted by organizers, once the registration will be closed and the selection process will be finalized.

On-site participants will have the opportunity to receive certificates and 2 ECTS, while online participants will have the opportunity to receive certificates and 1 ECTS.

You can read more here.

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